We fix your real estate systems frustrations through integration and automation. 

STOP logging into multiple systems to service just ONE lead.

As Realtors first, we get it. It is just flat out annoying and time consuming to log into multiple systems every day to access, follow up and convert your leads. 

As a Realtor your time needs to be spent generating business and as a Team Leader your time needs to be spent helping your agents generate more business.

Let us at OSIRS, help you integrate all of your Lead Generation, CRM, Advertising and Data Tracking systems so YOU can focus on closing deals.

We've all been frustrated by having to have 5 different systems open just to follow up with ONE LEAD.

That is why we became integration experts in OUR OWN businesses first. Once our systems were working for us and not the other way around, we found more time to talk/be with clients, rather than spending all our time in our systems.

IF you are ready to stop working for and in your systems. Let us make your systems work for you. 
The Process
Step 1 Strategy Call
During your strategy call we learn what systems are manual, what you want automated and any new systems you want to implement. We want to hear your vision. 
Step 2 Framework Call
Next Call we create a framework of what you want and start to put together HOW your systems will connect automatically and WORK.
Step 3. Live Roll Out Call
We are Live! This is your live and activation call. We guide you through what to expect, what to look for and empower you with training for your team so the adoption and experience is great. 
Step 4. Continuation Service
30 Day After activation is your continuation call. We tweak, work out any glitches and determine what Continuation plan makes sense for you.  
     System Membership Plans
    All System Membership Plans include development and support time. All Clients must choose a Membership Continuation Plan.
    These Are NOT the prices for Individual Solutions Or for CRM Setups. Please see below for those. 
    Schedule a 1 on 1 for pricing!
    • Semi Advanced Automation, Execution & Support
    • 15+  Workflows | Automations | Integrations
    • Specialty Programming available
    • 3 months to add/change workflows
    • + Pond and Bank CRM Configuration
    • + Slack Integration for all Lead Sources
    • + Lead Management Foundation
    • + Includes 1 month of Automated Continuation Plan
    • Ideal for Medium size teams dialing in systems and growing sources
    Schedule a 1 on 1 for pricing!
    • Fully Custom Automation setup, Execution and Support
    • UNLIMITED Workflows | Automations | Integrations
    • add/change workflows Anytime
    • Training and onboarding for team
    • + Pond and Bank CRM Configuration
    • + CRM Tag System Creation & Implementation
    • + Slack Integration for all Lead Sources
    • + Lead Re-engagement notifications via Slack
    • + Change Management Consultation
    • + Lead Management Foundation
    •  + Includes 2 months of Leveraged Continuation fully outsourced support plan
    • Ideal for Medium-Large Teams w/ multiple systems and sources
    Custom Pricing. Please inquire below.
    • Unlimited Automations
    • Custom tailored solutions for your office
    • Integrate & Automate: Sales | Transaction Management | Operations
    • Includes everything from all plans and a la carte solutions
    • Ideal for whole Brokerages or multi-office teams.
    CRM Confirgurations
    Flat Fee CRM configurations - We will dive into your CRM, configure it to work for your business, while creating a system that is scalable. As always, everything we do at OSIRS comes with coaching on best use cases for your system and business. 
    CRM Configuration
    Set up a 1 on 1 for pricing info!
    •  Create Verbose & scalable tagging system with automation power
    • Custom lead routing system
    •  Lead auditing (make Admin's life's easier!)
    • Smart filters and smart call lists - never guess who to call next
    • Inter CRM Agent workflows
    •  Inter CRM automations
    •  Scalable statuses/stages
    • Ideal for solo agents to brokerages
    Membership Continuation Plans
    All SYSTEM Member Clients must choose a Continuation Plan. Osirs incurs the cost of automation software during build time.**
    Individual Solutions do not require a Continuation Plan
    No monthly fee. 
    • Client pays for automation subscription services on their own.  See all in list of Automation systems. **
    • Limited Phone in Support
    • Workflows are licensed and each are transferred into your automation accounts* Must have account types to run automations. 
    Maintenance Plan
    $795 - $995
    a month
    • Regular Automation Updates & Maintenance
    • Error Monitoring
    • Osirs Maintains and covers cost for Automation services**
    • Client can elect to cancel at anytime, purchase work flows and transfer to clients own paid automation accounts**.
    • Live and Zoom Support for workflows built with Osirs. 
    • Client can purchase other pre-built workflows at anytime. 
    • Additional Automation and integration support provided.  Discount for additional automation builds
    Growth Plan
    1295 - $1995
    a month
    • Fully Outsourced iT Support for Entire Organization
    • Regular Automation Updates & Maintenance
    • Error Monitoring
    •  Regular Automation Updates & Maintenance
    • Osirs Maintains and covers cost for Automation Services**
    • Set number of hours in iT support provided to client each month for any system, or technology that we work with. Not limited to our automation builds. 
    • On demand Live and Zoom Support for clients tech systems and for its members. 
    • Additional Workflows and Automations are provided. Updated Workflows provided free of charge
    Individual Single Solution Options
    All options in the Single Solution include custom setup for the client and support. The following Options are a 1 time purchase. Some are Flat One Time Fee's and others are a monthly subscription

    Individual System Solutions

    What We Offer

    • CRM Migrations & Setups Flat Fee
    • ​Lead Routing
    • ​System Partnerships
    • Custom Solutions For Your Team
    • ​Training & Onboarding
    • ​Automations for Homebot | Cloud CMA and more.

    Follow Up Boss, Chime, Street Text, Sisu, Revaluate and more....
    More information on our Services and Systems can be found by visiting
    All Products, Services, Partners and Systems we can not guarantee results as they vary and Osirs is at liberty of how these providers release their product or service for use. Thank you

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